Born 1978 in Karachi, Pakistan

Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York


2003 Columbia University, New York, NY, MFA

2000 Pratt Institute, New York, NY, BFA

Solo Exhibitions

2012 Self Storage, The Suzanne Geiss Company, New York, NY

2010     Description of a Struggle, Sikkema Jenkins and Co., New York, NY 

2008 Watchman, Guild & Greyshkul, New York, NY

2007 Ambien Eyes, Franco Soffiantino Arte Contemporanea, Turin, Italy

2005 Modern Human Animal, LFL Gallery, New York, NY 

Selected Group Exhibitions 

2015 Six Advertisements, Marlborough Chelsea, New York, NY

Under Foundations, curated by Jess Wilcox, Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY

Eagles II, Galeria Marlborough, Madrid, Spain

2014 Forever, Metropolitan Art Society, Beirut, Lebanon

Imaginary Portraits, curated by Dodie Kazanjian, Gallery Met, New York, NY

Pale Fire, Leroy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York, NY 

 2013 High, Low and In Between, White Flag Projects, St. Louis, MO 

Merge Visible, Horton Gallery, New York, NY

2012 Pewter Wings, Golden Horns, Stone Veils, Grimm Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2010 NeoIntegrity: Comics Edition, Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art, New York, NY

2009 Abstract America: New Painting and Sculpture, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

On From Here, Guild & Greyshkul, New York, NY

2008 Without Walls, Museum 52, New York, NY

Imaginary Thing, curated by Peter Eleey, Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO

2007 BRAIN FORM, Guild & Greyshkul, New York, NY

Capricci (possibilities of other worlds), Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain, Luxembourg

MASH, The Helena, New York, NY

2006 2006 Untitled (For H.C. Westermann), curated by Michael Rooks, The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, HI

Metaphysics of Youth, curated by Luigi Fassi and Irina Zucca Alessandrelli, Artenova-Fuoriuso, Pescara, Italy

Turn the Beat Around, Sikkema Jenkins and Co., New York, NY

Ionesco's Friends, curated by Irina Zucca Alessandrelli, Franco Soffiantino Arte Contemporaneo, Turin, Italy

2005 Greater New York, P.S.1, Queens, NY

Who is the Protagonist?, curated by Ohad Meromi, Guild & Greyshkul, New York, NY

2004 Pattern Playback, curated by Silvia Cubina, The Moore Space, Miami, FL

Four-Ply, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, NY

Hung, Drawn, and Quartered, curated by Miriam Katzeff, Team Gallery, New York, NY

2003 Pantone, Massimo Audiello, New York, NY



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